shell sheddy - The Rebel Girls of Riot Grrrl

The Rebel Girls of Riot Grrrl: photos by Shell Sheddy 
  @ Bluestockings, 172 Allen St. 
  Expressions of fierce determimation, passionate release, 
  open vulnerability & an enduring desire for community and opportunity.
  Thru Sept. 2007
  Images of seminal Riot Grrrls including:
    Kathleen Hanna, Tobi & Kathy of Bikini Kill; 
    Jodi & Donna of Team Dresch; 5th Column; 
    Lynee Breedlove & Leslie Mah of Tribe 8;
    Madigan Shive of ContraBand, Bonfire Madigan & Tattletale; 
    Jane LeCroy of VitaPup, Spook Engine, Somnaut & Trainspotting; 
    Slant 6, Felice of Faith, Sexpod, Allison Wolf
  plus important influences...
    Jean Smith, Patti Smith, Moe Tucker & Joan Jett. 

CBGC 4 ever: Remembering Hilly & CBGB OMFUG; photographs by Shell Sheddy
  @ Life Cafe, corner 10th st & Ave B.   
  Special memorial for a generous spirit who created & preserved a space 
  that allowed creativity to happen & alternative culture to flourish, 
  challenged business-as-usual,inspired DIY inventivenes & made a home 4 those who needed one

images available for purchase,
framed or unframed, various sizes
call for further details

 shell sheddy photography
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